About Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas Beach has been elected 10 times consecutively as the most
beautiful beach of the Brazilian Northeast. Its large beaches of white sand
together with the warm, turquoise water and the lovely coral reefs turn Porto
de Galinhas into an ideal place to spent your holiday. The beach stretches on
many kilometers North and South bounded of hundreds of coconut palms. The
former fishing village of Porto de Galinhas has been recently reformed and
offers a beautiful new city centre with its culinary variety, shopping
opportunities and broad sleeping possibilities. It is situated about 60 km
South from Recife.

Due to the lovely nature, there are quite a few things to do on the beach
and we are sure you won’t get bored.

The warm and calm waters make bathing, swimming, surfing and
kite-surfing  enjoyable and safe.

Porto de Galinhas is known as a perfect diving spot. Snorkelling and scuba diving is verypopular due to
its wonderful coral reefs and natural pools.

For all lovers of nightlife. Porto de Galinhas offers a
stunning variety of good restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs.


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